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Send mass DM to competitor's followers/following, by hashtag/location, even by post's commenter/likers. hyper personalized text and image message, funnel filter included.

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The powerful Instagram bulk message sender, Send text messages, images without banned.

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Per user / month


Per user / month

Send by user's followers

Send by user's following

Send by hashtag


Send by location


Send by post's commenters


Send by post's likers


Send by specific user list

Send text message

10 DMs / day

Send image message


Filter by: Followers, Following, Following, Posts, Is Private, Is Verified, Is Business, Is Blank Avatar and Is Recent Joined Accounts

Personalized messages with placeholders & syntax template

Funnel filter, Avoid duplicate send by filter all success history or specific history

Automatically save sending result to history, download success and fail list

Save sending history to local storage

Continue task progress from history


Smart Error Handling for 403, 429, and 400 error message

Continued free updates



Per user / month Get Started


Per user / month Get Started

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“I've been using IG DM Sender for a while now, and it's such a helpful tool for growing my personal brand. It's easy to use and saves me so much time. I can't recommend it enough.”


Social Media Marketer

“IG DM Sender is an amazing tool for anyone looking to expand their e-commerce business. It's super easy to use and the results are great. I've been able to increase my sales thanks to this tool.”


Instagram Influencer

“IG DM Sender is a must-have tool for anyone doing online marketing. It's user-friendly and saves me a lot of time. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get more out of their Instagram marketing efforts.”


Instagram Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

Where you can get questions to common questions about IG DM Sender


Is this extension safe to use?

Yes, We have tested this extension over multiple accounts to find optimal request times, so your account remains 100% safe.


Do you require my Instagram account login information?

No, we do not require your IG login & password. We do not have access to your account.


Can I send messages to people who aren't in my friend list?

Yes, you can send messages to everyone whether or not they are in your friend list.


Why does sending messages to some users always fail?

Because some users are not allowed to receive messages from strangers, sending messages will fail.


Can I send DMs to only verified user?

Enable filter on the settings page, Choose the is verified option and set it to is verified, the tool will only send DMs to verified user.


How to skip private user?

Enable filter on the settings page, Select the is private option and set it to public users. The tool will only send private messages to public users. If the tool throws a 403 error, the error is caused by private users. Skipping private users can solve the problem.


Why the filter feature is not work?

Please enable the filter on the settings page and select your specified task type on the page.


Can I use this extension along with other auto IG DM extensions?

If you are using any other similar extension together, we advise you to wait 6-24 hours before using any other extension. This is because using multiple extensions would rate-limit your account. Therefore, only one IG DM extension tool is advisable at a time.


What is the appropriate number of Instagram DMs to send in one day?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no set limit to the number of Instagram DMs you can send in one day. However, it is important to note that Instagram may flag your account for spamming or suspicious activity if you send too many DMs in a short period of time, which could result in your account being temporarily blocked or permanently disabled.

To avoid being flagged for spamming, it's best to limit the number of DMs you send in a day to a reasonable amount that is relevant to your purpose. Additionally, make sure that the content of your DMs is personalized, relevant, and valuable to the recipient, and avoid sending the same message to multiple people. Finally, be sure to adhere to Instagram's terms of service, community guidelines, and any applicable laws or regulations related to direct messaging.


How to restore my subscription?

Find your subscription order id in your payment email inbox. Go to Pro page, click the "Change token" button, enter your email and order id then submit.


How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, by clicking the PRO button, and finally clicking the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

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